Welcome to the Xperimenter. This place is meant for me to record my thoughts, my beliefs, my convictions, my truths that I had, have in life and that I would come across in the future. It has started as the rekindling of my experiments with life and I shall record it with a lot of detail so that someone out there can derive some inspiration from this.

This is the 25 of November 2019 and I am a 33 year old guy, an Indian born in Kuwait, with half of my life spent in the birth country and the rest in India and currently I live in Germany experimenting with life and all that it has to offer. An electrical engineer by formal education, and a software architect by career, I have multiple facets, as a polymath, an entrepreneur, a strategist, a husband, a son, a brother and a whole lot more.

As I write more in my blog, you will come to know me better and maybe we can rekindle that same fire that I have in you.

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