Life is a marathon, not a sprint

We live a fast paced life in this world of technological advancement. Our technological advancement has given a lot to us. But also, it has taken away a lot from us. Food at our fingertips, clothes at our whim, friends just a message away, sex just a swipe away. Gone are our evolutionary strengths that had made us predators. All we have become are mindless creatures with desires to be fulfilled at our beck and call.

If we are hungry, or are craving something tasty to eat, all we need to do is switch on an app on our smart phone and it is delivered to us within minutes. Skip back a generation or two, and we used to relish food that was served to us by our parents, due to the anticipation. We used to walk to the forests and climb trees to pluck fresh fruit and bite into the juicy flesh and savor every bite because the difficulty of the walk, the danger of the climb was worth the prize that was the fruit at the end of it. Go back a couple of generations more and you actually had to hunt for the game, be proud of the hunt, not hunt more than you need for yourself and your family, but just enough to feed yourself. You are healthy and content with the wonderful food that is the game which your family has prepared and are happy to spend that time with your family.

If we are aroused, all we need to do is swipe on an app, and you have someone at your beck and call. All you have to do is look ready and shiny on your app and have fake credentials to support it, no talking necessary. Gone are the days of chivalry, of gallantry, of love and lust, of courtship. Gone are the days where a man used to actually court a woman he was interested in, where they actually needed to talk to each other, play games of love. The thrill of the chase, young hearts being crushed only to fall in love again, growing stronger with each one. And once you are sure that you have found the one, the chase is finally over with a proud feel on your chest and love in your heart. But now, none of that exists, and even if it did, it isn’t cool enough.

We have too much at our beck and call these days. Everything has to be done right now. Every demand satisfied this instant. Why? Because it is all possible. We no longer have the joy of withholding and delaying gratification. We no longer are content for a longer period of time. We are too bored with our lives. We live but are not truly alive. All we need is a shot of dopamine which is gotten every time our instant need is satisfied. We have become addicts of the right here, right now. We have become slaves to our own advancements.

But all is not lost. Seek patience, seek love, seek finesse, seek grace, seek joy, seek advancement, seek contentment only after going through difficulty, through hardship, through pain. For everything sought through hardship, difficulty and pain is well appreciated, and the contentment that follows lives with you forever, and not just for a moment. Relish the moment and savor it forever. Slow down, life is not marathon, but a sprint. Seek to learn from the ones who have mastered it and you will truly be alive again.

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