Embrace The Fear Within You

Every single being on earth has something that they fear. Prey fear the predator. Many people have different fears. Some fear the dark, other heights and then there is the fear of the unknown. Every single fear that we have is either due to the fact that we are genetically programmed with them or that they are the consequences of our environment. But fears are usually there as a mechanism to protect you from dangerous consequences at most times. For example, we might fear a fire or touching the fire because of the innate fear of getting burnt, and it is well within logic to understand that it is true.

But at other times we simply do not have any reason to fear something, yet we do. If you might have noticed, young children do not naturally have a sense of fear. They are curious creatures, not worried about risks, they either develop the fear after experiencing a bad situation or being constantly warned by an adult about it. An extremely young child does not fear water, and as a matter of fact would just swimming on its own when dropped into it. But an older child or even an adult who has never swam by themselves would definitely fear it, fearing that they would drown in that very same water. The moment they get into it, they cry, they flail, they thrash, and they drown; but why?

We know, that if all they did was keep their head above the water and remained absolutely still and calm, they would just float, and if they slowly moved, their arms and legs, they would naturally begin swimming. But this usually does not happen, we are afraid of accepting the truth, that sometimes, we just need to calm down and accept everything around us, and once we have accepted it and start moving forward, we learn something new, we move towards being better, we move into a new direction in the future and in a very conscious manner.

And that is exactly what happens to each and every one of us, when we are afraid, we either freeze and fail to breathe or we thrash and flail without realizing the truth, there is nothing to be afraid of if we assess the situation around us. Think about the time you were afraid to speak up at your workplace, simply because you were afraid that you would be fired. think about the time you were single and were afraid to talk to that girl at the coffee shop simply because you were afraid that you would get rejected. Think about the time you were afraid to let loose and dance or have fun simply because you were afraid that you would be ridiculed for it.

What would have happened if you just sat back, reassessed the situation, calmed down and then maybe spoke up at your workplace knowing that you wouldn’t be fired simply for speaking in a logical manner and instead might have gotten your voice heard and been respected for it. What if you had calmed down and simply approached that girl with a simple hello and a smile, which might have either led to a rejection on the spot which wouldn’t mean any harm but would help you get stronger instead, or you might have gotten accepted and she might have turned out to be an amazing human being whom might have dated. What if you might have simply let loose and danced, everyone else might get infected by the fun and start dancing with you, and you get noticed for it. No one would ridicule you for anything, remember that even if you were ridiculed, people simply do not care; and even if you were ridiculed people do not remember it for too long.

These are all opportunities that we miss out in life. They are simply not taken because of a fear which does not exist when the situation is understood. And that is why all you need to do is sit back, relax and embrace the fear within you and that is when you break all boundaries while you achieve all that you thought was impossible.

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