Dream Big But Plan Well

Dream big! We have perhaps heard this quite a few number of times in our life. But what does it really mean for us? Dreaming about the future, about your goals, about your ideas, these are all part of it, but only a few which I bring up. For many of us, it might also be the case where we have dreamt big, only for those dreams to remain dreams and not having them translated to reality. Say, you dreamt of starting that business which was going to make you millions, you took up a whole lot of motivational videos, listened to them, got all pumped up, for a few days, a few weeks perhaps, only to lose motivation and let the dream bite the dust, you believe that the dream was way too big to accomplish, you think that the dream was too unrealistic and after a couple of similar big dreams getting shattered, you decide never to dream big, but to stay with what life has to offer and go along with it. Along with that, you probably discourage the ones who dared take a step to dream big.

Now, what is the real issue here? Was it that the dream was too big to achieve? Was it too unrealistic? Were you not motivated enough to get going on your dream? Are you never to dream big ever again? Is it all a dirty lie?

I believe that the issue here is that we live in a fast paced society, we want everything done in the here and now. We want to start running before we start walking. We cannot deal with failures. We do not have patience. We are driven on emotions and adrenalin that only lasts a moment, only to burn away eventually. And the nail in the coffin is, we never have a plan to begin with.

I too have been there and have also done all of that only to realize in the recent past that what I have been doing is basically the culmination of what I written above. And then what I realized is that all I need to do is to slow down first. I read about people who have been successful in the past, I met people who have been extremely successful and asked their recipe for success. And, all of them had two things in common. They all had a goal and they had a well crafted plan to accomplish that goal, and not just a shabby plan, but a very realistic plan accounting for the human condition.

We should understand that as humans, we are never meant to be satisfied with a single goal. We were never meant to look into the future to assess what we need to do, to get there. We as humans have our DNA wired to look for immediate gratification, that’s our limbic system, our hunter brain asking for immediate satisfaction. We look for immediate dangers, but not anything far into the future. It is all written deep within and it is never erased. But the thing is even with all this there are people who have achieved their big dreams only because they hacked the system.

Dream big. Have a clear goal in mind for what you want to achieve as the result, but it does not have to be the definite end result. Remember that when you dream big, it would take time, knowledge and patience to accomplish those dreams. And instead of focusing only on the big dream, break down the process of accomplishing your dream. Break it down to milestones, have multiple tasks to reach those milestones. Have a timeline to achieve it, but make sure that it is realistic, accounting for your own knowledge, time, skills and ability. Accumulate resources for each task that you are going to work on. When you do all this, you will see that every single task that you do, will leave you satisfied and happy. Every single milestone you achieve will leave you exponentially satisfied and happy as compared to your tasks. Until, you have finally achieved the final goal and achieved your dream. You have hacked the system; you have conquered yourself.

The approach is a simplified and rudimentary one that I have given you, but nonetheless to start with, is very effective. In the near future, I will give possible approaches which are much more refined to fulfill your dreams and make them a reality. Believe me, no dream is too big to achieve, no task too small. When you have a plan at hand, everything is possible.

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