How can I be lucky too?

You might have heard these sentences quite a lot, “He is really lucky he got that job”, “She was so lucky she got married to such a great guy”, “He is so lucky he got tons of money”. You might either have been on the giving end or the receiving end of this, or maybe even just a spectator when you heard this. And you would keep hearing this many more times again. Hell, even I have been on both sides of this coin. I do believe that luck does exist, the possibility of winning the lottery, or digging up something really valuable, or just coming across an extraordinary opportunity which might have been literally impossible to come by.

But, here’s the thing, the stuff which you come across accidentally or through mind boggling impossibility is just a stroke of luck. Inheriting wealth from a relative you didn’t even know you had or never even met through your entire life. Now, what if I said that there was another way to be lucky and I just discovered it through careful thought and not by accident. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised that you knew it all along yourself, but never gave it any credit, but why? Because you never thought that it was luck, or maybe you thought it was inevitable, or once again just a stroke of luck.

So, how can you possibly pave your way to luck? I don’t know if you have heard of this statement before, “Luck favors the one who is prepared”. And that is exactly the truth about the luck that I am talking about. The lucky boy who got the huge million dollar offer from a huge corporation. Or the lucky girl who got married to the wonderful man of extreme potential. These are but some of the instances of what I call “deliberate luck”. The lucky boy who got that offer had always had the goal in mind to get a huge offer ten years down the line, he obsessively prepared, found all the necessary information to get to that point, learnt from history and his predecessors, learnt the current timeline and kept evolving his plans with it. He studied with great dedication with that single goal in mind. He burnt the midnight oil when necessary, planned every single step to that point, what he was going to study and how he was going to cross every single road block he would encounter until he finally became that lucky boy who got that deal.

The girl who was a dreamer, dreamt of meeting a man who would have immense potential and would be a wonderful man who was filled with greatness, who was the perfect gentleman. The girl had already that thought in her mind 10 years before she met that man, she already knew what the qualities were of the man she wanted to be with. She honed herself to be the woman who would be perfect for such a man. She learnt to be kind, how to be filled with greatness herself, how to be the loving woman she was. She learnt what a man needs from his woman, what it meant to offer herself up to such a man, read books, learnt the mannerisms, learnt from her predecessors and from history. And finally met that man who was the very embodiment of what she was looking for. For they might not have been a 100 percent what they were looking for in each other, but their thoughts shaped them further into that 100 percent as they grew to know each other.

It would be wise to understand that it is not only the first 95 percent that counts, but also the last 5 percent that counts, for it is the last leg that is the most difficult. And when it comes to luck, that is also one of the important parts besides being prepared. It is to be willing to go that last mile when you think it is still out of reach and you are on the edge of desperation and willing to just give up.

You should understand that every person can be deliberately lucky, by being prepared, planning out his/her steps to the last detail, and being ready to go the extra mile when you are almost ready to give up. It is after many years I have realized in my life as well that many times I have been deliberately lucky and never realized it. And now, at this point of my life I truly believe that I have found that answer and I give it out to you as well.

My tales of deliberate luck are for another day and for another post. I hope you realize what I have and would look forward to the next post. Please subscribe to my blog if you like my articles and do share it with the world.

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