Knowledge Is Power

Go to your room and study!

Why didn’t you learn this topic for your exams?

Oh my! Look at that, the moment he holds a book in his hands he goes to sleep.

How much more do I need to read? I don’t understand anything. What’s the point in reading, none of this is going to help me anyways.

Time and again, we have either heard these come from someone else or we have said it ourselves. And that is pretty much what goes around in the head of most people when they read a book. But the truth is far away from any of these. Books of any sort contain the writings of thinkers, they contain the knowledge, ideas that the authors carry in their heads. The books written contain the condensed experiments, research, years of study of various authors. And all it takes to get them into your head, is to hold them in your hands and read them.

When you delve into the books, you enter the realm of the author, their experiences be it wise or foolish, but nonetheless at that moment you live them. Authors have their own styles, their signature writing styles, and when you read multiple books by specific authors, you own the knowledge of the author, the psychology of the authors, the thoughts and ideas of the author and you make them your own.

Now, coming to the main point, knowledge no matter how rudimentary is very powerful. Why do I say this? Think back from your childhood to your adulthood. You have been reading so many books which are written by the multitude of subject matter experts. And the level to which you have read them and understood them, have led you your current level of mastery in those subjects making you functional individuals in society. The depth of your study has decided your mastery over the subject.

But for the majority of people, after they are done with their formal studies, they rarely delve into the knowledge of books, either for fun or advice or learning more about different subjects, they are more interested in social media, in television, in movies and cinemas, in having fun on a regular basis. But the minority of people, who are invested in books atleast for small part of their day are getting more powerful by the moment, they are the ones who understand the workings of the world, no matter how small their time investment might be, they are steadily moving towards their goals.

If I were to give my own experience, I have read books ranging from fiction to non-fiction, from fantasy to self-help, from technical to management related books, and every single one of them has helped me to exceed far beyond my own limited abilities. I have read books based on psychology to help me understand people better, and applying the knowledge within them has truly helped me become better at it. Books on technical topics such as cloud computing have helped me become an expert in the field, by simply reading and applying the knowledge within them. These are but a few.

An extremely powerful well known example would be the world famous investor and billionaire Warren Buffet. He used to read since his early life on financial matters, and he continues reading 500 pages worth of company related financials every single day and is himself an advocate of reading, and he himself has attributed his wealth and success to this habit. Elon Musk used to read as many as two books a day. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates being avid readers have also attributed their success to reading.

So, all you need to do is invest a little bit of time per day to some reading, learn what is in the books on specific matters you want to master, or even read books which would simply put you in the minds of the authors, or even take you to fantasy land. Any reading will simply open up the limitations on your mind and your creativity or let you master subjects which you thought were quite impossible to even understand, take control of your life, apply the knowledge and become better than the person you were yesterday. A raw stone polished can be an invaluable gem.

In my upcoming blog posts, I will give you my thoughts and recommendations on the books that I have read and possibly even give you takeaways to get you interested in this wonderful habit.

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