Change, the only constant, live your life

As a learner of life, I have learnt, and I believe in one of the truths. The only thing that is constant is change. Credits to Heraclitus, look him up on google. Why do I believe in such a statement?

Life for humans since the stone ages had been about being hunters and gatherers to survive, they were probably living in small groups for security and in fear of being eaten by predators.  As time went by, larger groups formed, giving more security but not enough food to go around. And then came the time of the farmers, groups settled down and started farming while partly hunting. As time went by, the groups became more hierarchical in nature. The stronger either protected the weak or preyed on them. People had to get stronger to climb the hierarchy. Do you see where I am going?

The only way to survive and thrive is through change. We are in the day and age of computers, farmers and in the age of opulence and indulgence. Most of the people of this age are nothing by silent sheep who are happy and complacent with what they have and what they get. The ordinary man/woman is happy to get a decent job which earns him or her a steady income, buy/rent a house, have children, go along with life as it is by nothing but consumption (I will talk more about this in another post, for it is a chapter to another day).

People are happy to go through with life with a certain established pattern in this day and age. They wake up, eat, drink, work a day job, watch soaps/serials/shows, sleep, repeat. Small pre determined promotions, wage increases and so on and nothing more. This kind of cycle does not allow a person to evolve. It is basically settling with what you have and not thinking of anything to improve on. By this, we are nothing but sheep going through life to only be milked and slaughtered. To truly live your life, humans need change and not a one time change but constant change.

Do not settle with just eating and drinking, add in exercise, change your exercise routines. Don’t just work a single day job, learn something creative and work on it as well. Don’t just sit and watch soaps and shows all day long because you are bored, make use of that time to put your latent talents to use. Watching soaps all day long is not going to benefit you in the long run but only erode your psychological well being, go out meet new people, travel the world and if you cannot afford it, find a way to afford to travel. Don’t settle in a single job, once you have mastered your current job, either look to evolve in it by taking up more responsibilities or moving out into a better one where you can evolve.

Find ways to enrich your life with experiences, with learning, with people, with applied talents.

Never settle, never become complacent. For only through change can a person evolve, for only through change can be the best version of himself/herself.

In my upcoming posts, I will elaborate on the parts I have discussed here, how to evolve in your job, how to work on your talents, how to include exercise, why travel and more.

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