How to have a second income (or a first income as a student)

This is one of many posts where I will talk more on how to generate an additional income. This first post is where I share my experiences so as to inspire you.

In the past few years of my relatively short career, I have always had a job or two in hand. And I am always on the lookout to add more. Why you might wonder? Well, as a person I am total workaholic, I love to work and I like to keep it that way. I am what you would call, a busybody. Also, I love to make money. You don’t really have to ask why for that, everyone loves to make money. Either it is so that you can buy stuff, or save it for the future. I on the other hand love to save and invest, in things, opportunities and most importantly myself.

In this day an age, having a second source of income is important if you want to reach a state of wealthiness.

As a primary job, I work as a software architect. But in the past, along with being a software architect, I have been into teaching. I have taught students in my vicinity. I have taught students globally. I have had engineers, architects, freshers are students. Now, how did I come about teaching as a second income? Well, while I was in the final year of my engineering, I managed to snag an opportunity at a well known company as a software development through campus placements. So, what was my first plan of action then? I used my offer letter, and applied for a small part time job at an institute that taught people to clear entrance examinations, job interviews etc. And I was the perfect fit.

I had already managed to crack logical, mathematical tests and the spoken interview thereby getting the job offer at the company through placements, and that is what let me get my part time job. It did not pay much, but it was a good start.

As the years went by, I tried to start up a business in teaching but that didn’t really work out. And then, I actually got an opportunity at another local organization that taught programming languages. And that was because I was a software developer, and knew what I was doing. I was perfectly suited for the job once again. Going forward, I got a chance to be a software trainer in another organization but at a global level, while I already had a primary job. In between, I also got multiple opportunities working on freelancing projects in my field of work, and I made a decent buck from them as well.

Now, here I am writing my experiences, which in the future will possibly help me generate a second income. So, what exactly did I do in the past that allowed me to get a second income. What is it that qualified me for that? Firstly, my drive to make more money and not to be comfortable. I searched for opportunities to make more money from whatever skills that I built. Secondly, I was good at a few things, and I searched opportunities to work in those particular fields but not full time. And, if I did not find anything, I did not give up, but instead tried to find something else. I used my additional time to work on a second income, when others were partying, eating, sleeping, I was working.

So, what is important, is to recognise your key skills first. Get good at something, everyone has something or the other they are good at; and there is always someone out there who is looking for learning that skill. Actively look out for opportunities. My first opportunity did not fall into my laps, instead I found it in the newspaper. Nowadays, the internet is a great source for such opportunities. Do not waste your time, which you could be using for bettering yourself or making more money. Prioritise your time and make things happen.

Coming up with part 2 soon.

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