The Learning Habit, Success For Students

11 years ago in 2009, I was still a part of the education system as a student. I have been an educator for quite some time, but I’ve been a student longer. I might not be a student as part of an education system, nonetheless I am and always will be a student of life.

I never had much of a direction when it came to studies or learning. All I did was heed to the traditional way of learning from my father, like study your lessons every day for an hour, or learn mathematics by actually doing the problems on paper, or do not cram before the examination, and I being the person that I am heeded to almost none of these. But lucky for me, my father also encouraged my other habits which were typically not traditional by nature, I read a lot, a whole lot, from subjects ranging from physics to astrology, from engineering all the way to medicine and my thirst never ended. He also encouraged me to try things out, but always within my limits thereby letting me understand boundaries. Thanks dad, all of that really helped me through my life so far, and will keep helping me.

Now, as a student of life and an ex student of the education system, I have collected a few tidbits of wisdom which would help you on your journey within the education system and also outside of it. 

As part of the education system, what my father told me, would probably be the exact advice that I would give and nothing more. I would say all you need to do is spend 15 minutes of your time per day to skim over the concepts you learnt and nothing more, this helps strengthen the idea of those concepts within your mind. And why it takes only about 15 minutes is because effectively what you have learnt in an hour per subject has already taken root in your brain and all you need to do is skim over those very topics for a few minutes per subject to refresh your brain.

Secondly, do this every single day at a particular time of the evening after you are back from school or college and make it a habit. Consistency is one of the most powerful tools of the trade, or perhaps of every single trade. 

Learning mathematics on paper, allows you to memorize the pattern with which those solutions were derived. It definitely does help in the long run for every other subject as well. I have been an industry professional for over 13 years now, and from time to time, I still write down things to clarify things in my mind, and it definitely helps. It gives structure and pattern, and patterns my friend are easily remembered even if you do not really remember the exact solution itself.

Even though my father told me not to cram before exams, this is something of a different idea for me, I believe that cramming at the last moment does help, but only a surface level cramming, and not going too deep.

The above advice will definitely help in bounds since they all have scientific backing in the real world, although I am not going to explain those topics.

PART 2 of the article follows.

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